Friday, August 25, 2017

Shape Of Brides

Understanding that all brides comes in different shapes will set you apart from the others. There are 5 different noted shapes:
                    1. Inverted Triangle
2. Oval
           3. Rectangular
        4. Triangular
       5. Hourglass
Let us give you some basic knowledge to see where you might fall on the chart.
  • Inverted triangular brides have wider shoulders than the hips and sometimes the bust is also large. Aim is try to minimize the upper torso and create more curves and volume around the hips to bring proportion.
-Avoid shoulder pads
- Choose V shaped necklines
-Avoid wrap style/ overlapped
-Avoid short necklines (unless your slim with long neck)
-Avoid dresses that bring attention to shoulders
-Avoid narrow & halter straps
-Any jackets should be hip rather than waist line
-Define hips with a dress the hips at the waist
  • Our Oval brides are rounded in the tummy area. The goal is to hide the tummy and create a more slender steam lined:
-No jacket that squeeze the torso
-Stick with straight lines
-Low V necklines are slimming for this body type
-Empire line dresses
-Wear heels for height
  • Rectangular brides torso is small and waist not so defined. The bust and buttocks are small. Most important thing is to create curves with the dress and accessories.
-Choose appropriate underwear to do the curves
-Look for a dress with defined waist in correct size
-Suggest soft, feminine lines
-Add big, round accessories
-Avoid dresses that have square necks and instead search for rounded or V shape necklines
-A wrap style dress can help create a feminine waist and hip curves
  • Triangular shape brides body has narrow shoulders and hips that are wider. The goal is to hide the hip area and draw attention instead to the face.
-Suggest a dress with detail that draws attention upwards
-Jackets defining the torso
-Any accessories that attract attention to the body and face are great
-Avoid dress where bottom half is skin tight, they make the hips looks larger
-Choose a dress with a A line shape at the bottom
  • Hourglass shape brides shoulder width in the same proportion to hips and a defined waist. Emphasizing the shape with figure hugging clothes. The styles of the 40's, 50's and 60's are ideal for this body shape.

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