Friday, August 25, 2017

Wedding Dresses

Guidelines: If the bride had broad shoulders you should avoid strapless dresses ( because they further accentuate the shoulders which can make the bride look masculine.) If your problem is with the hips don't choose a dress that put much volume in this area, simply choose a dress that falls limply.

Tip: Tulle & Bulky fabrics accentuate the hips. Instead use lace, tulle, silk, organza, wild silk and satin.

Heads Up: Night wedding dresses are usually more stiff and formal. While day wedding dresses are more soft and flowing.

Concentrate on Bride Dress Choice:
  • Ceremony
  • After Party
  • Figure
  • Height

*Figure hugging dress are for brides with curvy girls or rectangular shape girls. Small girl stay away.

*Princess dresses are great for girls with broad shoulders balance out the bride figure. (hides hips and tummy)

*Empire dresses elegant roman feels of a choice for pregnant brides.

*Cinderella dresses are highly recommended for broad shoulders but not ideal for petite brides.

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